Jeff Russell – jrussell@godwin.comJeff Russell – jrussell@godwin.comGodwin

"I was very pleased with the prompt service and list advice that Cory provided!  I shared our new business goals with him and he responded with a thoughtful solution. He even coached me through a couple of technical issues so that it was easy for me to select the most targeted names for our outbound business development initiative."

Kayla Bolien/Lisa Cramer – kayla.bolien@inreality.comKayla Bolien/Lisa Cramer – kayla.bolien@inreality.comInReality

“Our agency has used RSW/Lists multiple times. We enjoy the pay-per contact feature, the constantly refreshed database, and the ease of use of the site. The list purchases arrive in my inbox within minutes and the .csv file is ours to do with as we please. We highly recommend RSW/Lists as your go-to resource for outreach lists.”

Doug Davila – ddavila@cbdmarketing.comDoug Davila – ddavila@cbdmarketing.comCBD Marketing

“Cory at RSW/Lists responded to my email request promptly. I wanted to target specific companies within an industry and he was able to provide me with how many contacts they had in their database for each. The accuracy and crispness of the data showed how much time and effort is put into each contact. I will be using RSW/Lists as my #1 source for outreach list development.”