Quality Marketing Lists are a Thing of Beauty

Building quality marketing lists had always been the bane of our existence at RSW/US. Not any more.  Not since our launch of RSW/Lists, the first guaranteed accurate, self-service list sales website in the country. We would subscribe to different services and no matter the service, the quality of the marketing lists we’d buy were never…
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Four Ways To Target The Right Prospects For Business Development

Finding and targeting prospects is a big business development challenge for ad agencies, so here are four ways to target the right prospects: Know Your Positioning Use Past Work In Future Content Consider Your Location Find Right-Fit Titles As we point out in our eBook header, All the outreach in the world won’t help if…
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The Case For Ad Agency List Building Delegation

This is the first in our ad agency list-building blog series around our latest eBook, The Prospecting List, Turbocharged: How To Pump The Right Fuel Into Your New Business Engine.  Written by RSW Operations team member, Emma Thompson, Emma delves into all the list options agency execs are bombarded with and a few of the best solutions to…
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Why Prospect Lists Need The Human Touch

Why Agency New Business Prospect Lists Need The Human Touch It can be tough to search for new opportunities while maintaining your current client load, and creating solid prospect lists is equally as tough. Across the board, it can be difficult to know how to prospect for new business effectively.  Where do you even begin? To start,…
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Insider Tips to Building Lists – A Webinar

buiding lists

LinkedIn Sales Advisors recently sent out findings from their Advisors Community on prospecting lists. One stat stood out: 78% of sales professionals create or update a list to manage leads and prospects multiple times a week! RSW/US Director of List Operations, Nicole Bouchard, breaks down the strategy and process behind developing a targeted list of…
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Quality Lists are a Beautiful Thing


Identifying your target prospects starts with an assessment of your own strengths and a proper definition of your agency’s positioning. Once you spell out that positioning statement for your agency, you need to look at the prospect universe and determine whether or not it’s large enough. Last year, we  attended a seminar hosted by David…
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