RSW/Lists is a self-service marketing contact list platform that makes building great lists so easy!

You choose. You control. We deliver.

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You can buy 1 contact or 100’s…you choose the list the way you want it.

You can select based on industry, geography,
revenue, or title…you choose.

We can build custom for you or you can use our
self-service site…you choose.

Many companies sell lists based on SIC codes or only
let you buy large quantities.

And the worst thing is most lists that other companies sell
aren’t up-to-date, which can create big email deliverability issues.

RSW/Lists are constantly updated and can be custom built to
meet your specific needs.

All datasets are built by carefully scouring the web and social platforms for contacts.  Each contact is verified by one of our expert RSW Client Support Managers.  We are constantly adding new contacts, updating contacts, and eliminating those that are no longer with companies.

If at any time, a contact does not verify when you use them for your efforts, we will gladly refund you for that contact. Self-service list builds cost $2 per marketing contact.  Custom builds cost $3 per contact.