Quality Marketing Lists are a Thing of Beauty

Building quality marketing lists had always been the bane of our existence at RSW/US.

Not any more.  Not since our launch of RSW/Lists, the first guaranteed accurate, self-service list sales website in the country.

Beautiful lists

We would subscribe to different services and no matter the service, the quality of the marketing lists we’d buy were never up to snuff.  Email addresses were wrong, people were no longer there, and addresses were incorrect.

Agency clients that would sign on with our outsourced lead generation service would come to the table with lists they had purchased from groups like The List or Hoovers or other list resources and more often than not, they would prove not too terribly useful for our programs.

Today, we hire people that not only know how to track down contact information for marketing prospects, but they know how to dig deeper into the contacts they build for our agency client programs, so they are not only accurate, but great fits.

So now, rather than worry about how clean or not clean lists from other list resources are, our Account Execs on our list team know lists are industry-leading 90 day verified.  This gives them the ability to actually think about the companies and prospects they are selecting – and determine if they are right fit for their agency clients and their agency new business programs.

For those agencies building their own program and managing it inside, you too need to start your programs with well thought out lists.  Buy big bulky lists from other list providers and you risk send suppression if lists are bad.

And when you buy big bulky lists or sign on with high monthly subscriptions, you’ll often get a lot of garbage that really provides no value to your marketing program.

Our experience at RSW/US is that sending out huge numbers of emails to a large database of unknowns doesn’t get you very far.  In fact, more often than not, big email databases often perform at lower levels than a more controlled outreach to prospects that are fine tuned to meet the needs of your marketing firm.

So next time you’re in the market to build up a very targeted, very precise list of prospects, give RSW/Lists a try.